A new indoor collection

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Our New Indoor Collection!

In a couple of days, the introduction of Julia will take place at IMM Cologne. This event can become a milestone in Hartman’s history!  It´s not just a collection, but a collection with a story: Let’s come together!

Let´s come together

What makes life great? As you grow older you’ll discover it’s never just one thing. That’s why we unite comfort, design and quality in every product we make.
Together, they bring out the best in your day. Every day. For you and everyone you invite.
It’s up to you to make the most of every moment. And we want to encourage you to go for it. All. The. Way. To involve all you see. All you know. All you feel. You can  make it all come together.

Let me introduce myself!


Julia Indoor collection  Julia Indoor Collection

I have a keen eye for everyone’s body shape. That’s a must when you want everyone to be comfortable when they put their feet up. As part of the Hartman family, craftsmanship is in my DNA. Based on one smart design principle, I have five different styles to offer. So everyone feels right at home. I make sure that comfort, design an quality come together. Silently and stylishly supporting great times.

I would love for you to discover what I can do for you as a dealer. Please join me as I show what we’ve got in store.
Let’s come together - We are on IMM Cologne. Booth 10.1 F-049 - 15-21 January 2018.

Me and all my friends will be online on the website in September! Check it out!

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