Sunbrella all weather garden furniture

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Sunbrella garden furniture. You’ve probably heard of it before, but do you know all the benefits of Sunbrella all weather garden furniture? Sunbrella looks like indoor furniture but they can stay outdoors all year round, delivering great performance in the most extreme weather conditions. An aluminum frame forms the base of our Sunbrella furniture. The base is covered with Quick-Dry-Foam and finished with the Sunbrella fabric. The garden furniture that we have made together with Sunbrella is developed to offer you the maximum comfort , quality and design. They are unique and have many benefits:

Sunbrella fabric

The fabric that is used comes from Sunbrella. The Sunbrella fabric is also used for convertible car roofs and boat upholstery. This already explains how strong the fabric is.

The Sunbrella fabric is also fade resistant. This means that the fabric does not discolor when it is exposed to sunlight for a long time. This is due to the fabric being made with a solution dyed acrylic. The dye pigment is mixed into the core of the fiber at the beginning of the manufacturing process. This allows the Sunbrella product to remain in the sun for many years without discoloring.

Water repellent and stain proof are also benefits of the fabric. The fabric is made in such a way that the water and dirt does not penetrate into the fabric. This also means that mold has no chance of growing. Any stains can be cleaned very easily. The stain does not penetrate the fabric, so you don’t have to scrub for hours. Read here the detailed information on how to remove any stains:


The Quick-dry-foam covers the aluminum base and provides maximum seating comfort. The cushions are sturdy and give you fantastic support. The foam is also permeable and extra breathable. Water and other liquids drain through the foam so there’s no time for mold formation. Molds often cause a very unpleasant odor, so this odor also does not arise.

Aluminium base

The strong and stainless aluminum frame is the basis for the products. The aluminum is durable and lightweight. This makes the furniture very easy to move. The aluminum does not need any maintenance. This is because there is a coating over the frame that already offers enough protection. If you still want to clean the frame, you can do it with neutral detergent and a damp cloth.

Resistant to various weather influences

The combination of the Sunbrella fabric, the Quick-Dry-Foam and the aluminum frame makes these products resistant to various weather influences. The all weather garden furniture can stand for a long time in the sun without discoloring and the rain will not cause mold or unpleasant odors. This makes the storage of cushions no longer necessary! In addition, any stains are very easy to remove because they do not penetrate into the Sunbrella fabric.

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