Enjoy the summer, with Hartman! Beautiful weather outside shows us that life can be a party. Everyone can remember a couple of wonderful outdoor moments. This is normal, it’s a moment for a social gathering with your family, loved ones or friends, with snacks, drinks and a nice chat. That is why we at Hartman don’t see our outdoor furniture and cushions as plain furniture and simple cushions. They bring atmosphere in your garden, create emotions and guarantee ultimate garden experiences. In short, they are furniture with endless combinations of cushions that will let you enjoy and relax ... "Sit back, relax and enjoy ..."

A Hartman is DESIGN

High quality. Well balanced design. Beautiful and exclusive design ... Hartman outdoor furniture and cushions are designed to lift your garden, patio or balcony to a higher level. With 45 years of experience, Hartman knows better than anyone how to make beautiful and durable outdoor furniture.  Which the solid style, fadeless color and firmness will remain.  Because what is beautiful, has to stay beautiful. This of course also applies to the textile collection. In short ... Hartman, is more pleasure.  

A Hartman is COMFORT

Seating comfort stimulates the senses. That’s why the Hartman outdoor furniture is perfect. Ergonomic fit and the use of the latest innovative techniques ensure that Hartman outdoor furniture have an ultimate comfort and an easy maintenance. Sitting on a Hartman feels nice!


Nothing changes as often as the weather. Therefore, we use weather-resistant and wear-resistant materials and color for our furniture and cushions. That way, no matter the weather, you are always well prepared. After all, what is beautiful, has to stay beautiful.

A Hartman is RELIABLE

For 45 years, we live up to our indestructible quality. We make our products according to a simple philosophy: make outdoor furniture that one can enjoy the most of. This means quality in its purest form. That is why each model is carefully tested according to NEN581 regulations in our own test center. More information? Check it here. Hartman, is pleasure!


Easy does it. All our furniture are designed to allow you to enjoy the time you spend with your family or friends in the garden. We make our furniture as maintenance-free as possible, and we always keep in mind that when the weather is nice you easily want to position the furniture in your garden, but also practically want to store them during the winter season. Stunning design, ease in your garden and weatherproof. This ensures that you can enjoy your Hartman longer at an attractive price.  Therefore, it’s a smart investment, which you can use for years.

A Hartman is GUARANTEE

When a Hartman gets in your garden, you are guaranteed to enjoy it long enough.  By using weather-resistant and wear-resistant materials and color, we are confident of our product and that is what we stand for! On all your Hartman furniture you will receive a two-year warranty on material defects and manufacturing faults. But count on it that you will enjoy it much more.

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