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With this brandportal you can view and download 24/7 the complete image gallery of both product and lifestyle photography, article descriptions, campaigns and brochures. It’s all easy to download. Through our new B2B newsletter we will inform you in due time about the planned marketing activities. Additionally, through the brand portal we give you insight into visitor behavior on the Hartman website and the interaction visitors have with you as a dealer through the website (amount of visitors that viewed your dealer profile, etc.).

We would like to welcome you on the brandportal of Hartman.

Hartman has, for many years, provided you with support for your communication messages. We are proud to be able to provide you with additional support. In this brandportal you are able to download 24/7 all Hartman’s productshots, ambiance pictures, article descriptions, campaigns, brochures etc. All the input is easy to access.

Great news!

Great news! We are delighted to announce that from 1 August Outdoor Season will be a part of the Hartman group trading under the name Hartman Nordic AS. Hartman has acquired a substantial shareholding of Outdoor Season AS, one of the leading suppliers of garden furniture in Norway. With this partnership, we look to further establish the position of Hartman in the Scandinavian market, and strength...

Innovations brochure PDF file

Innovations brochure 2018 Our new classic Sophie reached a big audience last year and will continue to do this year. It may noy suprise that we are introducing new additions to our Sophie line. New, chis features include teak frames now being available with Sophie Studio, and an expanded table collection with round tables, bistro tables and side tables. Teak items are regularly combined with a nu...